Fanfic 2:Taxi ride with Kapp’n!

1 01 2010

Last time floris was just about to go to marigold. lets see how it goes!

Kapp’n:” I’ve had enough of this rain! how about you?!”

Floris: ( It’s obvious he is crazy! I mean, he is a sea turtle which means he is supposed to see rain all the time, i guess. But i don’t want to hurt his feelings, so i guess I will just have to agree) “Now that you said that, me too.”

Kapp’n:” Ah, you are a smart young lass! Snappin fishies! i forgot to ask your name?!”

Floris: “Umm… Its Floris.”

Kapp’n:” Tis a cute little name, Miss Floris?”

Floris:” I guess so?”

Kapp’n:” So tell me, Floris, which town are you moving to?”

Floris: ” Marigold, home of the Apples!”

Kapp’n:” You must be jokin! What convinced you to move to that place?”

Floris:” The town hall.”

Kapp’n:” Hmm… interesting. Well, not to be rude or anything, do you have enough to get settled?”

Floris:” Not really…”

Kapp’n:” looks like the rain is letting up!”

Floris:” Thank goodness!”

Kapp’n: “Looks like we are finally here!”

Floris:” It took forever but anyway thanks!”

Kapp’n: “You owe me dinner?”

Floris:*Laughing nervously*” Maybe…” (NEVER in a Billion years)

Kapp’n:” See ya around!”

Goes in to the town hall.

Pelly:” How may I help you?”

Floris:” I’m floris. I just came in by Taxi!”

Pelly:*Slightly Stunned* “You must be the new owner of the house Nook built in. He sure has been in a giving mood lately!”

Floris: “I’ ll say.”

Pelly:” Well, nice to meet you and have fun! Oh, wait! Here is you town map!”

Floris:” Thanks! I’ll see you around, Pelly!”

Pelly: ” Okay!”

Will Floris like her new house?

Will she ever understand Kapp’n ?

Find this out when in the next Fanfic!

Coming soon……………….

XOXO: Alex71335


Sorry Guys! :(

1 01 2010

im so sorry i haven’t logged on for the past…let me guess….1 and a half week! im so was because my internet stopped working all of a sudden and that the guy who was supposed to come last week didn’t! really and truly sorry!

XoXo: Alex71335

What a day!

22 12 2009

Today was so exciting that i just had to take some pictures of it! here it goes!

Stitches is talking about this stuff about he wanting to trade pictures with PomPom!

love in the air!

i took 2 pictures

Then, PomPom gave me a nickname!

Yay Sparkles!

After that, Pecan showed me this weird letter someone sent her!

The Lettering! so Funny Yet Freaky!

Of course I had to show you guys my outfit!

Shiplessly Cool!

My 1st Fish!

A Seabass! Not Again!:)

I’m going to show you guys my Town Fruit!


A nice Group Picture !

Left to Right: Pecan,Me, And Gracie!

Is PomPom Jealous?

Pecan Asking Weird Questions!

My 1st store!

Nook's Cranny!

My 1st Snowman?


My Second Outfit and so far my Favorite!


He makes me so sleepy!

Blathers so sleepy

I Would buy coffee if i had money!

No Thanks!

Isn’t She cute!


Me and my Fishie!



Thats it for now! see you later in AC:WW


Fanfic 1: A new Beginning in Marigold!

21 12 2009

I was so Bored..Please rate my fanfic in ways I can make it Better

Mom:”(wiping her eyes,full of tear) “Now you be a good little flower puss for me, wont you?”

Floris:”Come on mom, it’s not like im going to the country or anything like that. im still going to visit every summer! On the plus side, I’ll always be your little Sun seed!”

Dad appears , carrying 5 small suitcases.

Dad:”You ready for your voyage, Sea Mate?”

Floris: “guess so, pops!”

Mom and Dad look over my shoulder, seeing a yellow taxi in the distance.

Mom: *getting teary-eyed again*” I’ll miss you, Sugar Pie.”

Floris: “I will miss you too, mom!”( starts sobbing dearly)

Dad: “Taxi’s here! Honey, Make the most of  your life and have fun, okay?”

Taxi rolls up, with a Snapping turtle drivin who looks like this

he kinda looks like he hates his job and all.. Freaky!

Anyway, he carries the luggage to the back seat and opens the door for me.

Kapp’n: “Well you ready, young Lass?”

Floris:” Guess so..?”

Mom:” Honey well see you Next summer k’?”

Floris:” k mom. See you later daddy!”

As she gets into the cab, heavy, slushy rain starts falling down!

Mom and Dad: “Be Safe, Honey buns!”

Floris: “Will do?!”

Will Floris Adapt to Her Surroundings and her new neighbors?

We will find this out in the next Fanfic of Marigold..

Coming Soon…….!

Random Pics i got;) Xec it out!

19 12 2009

I Just got some random pictures from  check it out!

Snow is such a beautiful  thing isn’t it! I Enjoy Snow season!

and a picture of a thunderstorm!

i just love how they captured the thunder!


Signing out,

yours truly, Alex71335


17 12 2009

1st time in Marigold with my main character Floris

hey guys! this is my 1st time staring a AC:WW picture blog! I know it’s a little not so clear right now but ill try to make it better for you guys!

Anyway, Have Fun!